100% recommend for anyone whose dog is suffering from food allergies or dietary restrictions!

Miranda with Energize Paws is a lifesaver! After allergy testing our 8 month Goldendoodle I was at a loss on what to feed him (allergic to most common proteins and corn). Miranda put together a very detailed list with multiple options of kibble, canned, raw food, treats, and nutritional supplements with notes and explanations of what she liked or didn’t particularly like about each option. 100% recommend for anyone whose dog is suffering from food allergies or dietary restrictions!

Jade & William Dotson

Finally found a food that our dog’s sensitive stomach could handle!

After months of struggling to find a food that our Cavapoo’s sensitive stomach could handle, we decided to order a DNA saliva allergy test. We also ordered a food recommendation report from Energize Paws, which utilized the data from the allergy test results to find foods that did not contain ingredients that potentially bothered Finnegan’s stomach.

We were so impressed with the detailed and personalized report that Miranda put together for Finnegan. The report was easy to understand and broke down food suggestions into different categories, including dry, wet, and fresh dog food, as well as treats and supplements. There were personalized notes next to each item explaining why that particular food was being suggested. I noticed that all of the suggestions on the list were brands with high quality ingredients. We picked one of the dry dog food and treat suggestions on the list. The suggestions turned out to be spot on. Finnegan’s sensitive stomach handles the new food and treats perfectly and his stools are now completely normal.

Ordering the food recommendation report was one of the best decisions I’ve made for Finnegan.

David Holubowicz

Time and Life Saver!

I was pleased with Miranda’s research and recommendations. She sure had her work cut out for her with my 2 boys.

Cathy McCullough

Thank you, Energizepaws!

Thank you, Energizepaws! I received your report about a month ago and have made the recommended changes to my dog’s diet. I am happy to report that she is doing great. Her allergies have greatly improved. I appreciate that you offer this service. It has saved me so much time researching all the different products out there.

Connie Kersten

Thank you!

I cannot say thank you enough. Maximus is such a sweet dog and I have watched him suffer with allergies for 4 years. When I received the allergy list I was so thankful we paid for the food report as well because I didn’t even know where to begin when I realized he had a mild allergy to both peas and sweet potatoes! Thanks so much! The report was very detailed and very much appreciated. I already ordered the new food.

Janelle and Maximus

Janelle Behm

This list is a lifesaver!

I can’t thank you enough for this. You have lifted a huge weight off my shoulders, I have been stressing for weeks. This list is a lifesaver!

Jessica Cardona

Thank You EnergizePaws – Thank You Miranda your a lifesaver.

I was overwhelmed when I received the allergic test back for Rocky. I started looking at his current food and treats and some of his strong and mild intolerance items were listed as ingredients. Ordering the food report was the best decision ever!

I was totally impressed (WOW) when I received the food report. Miranda took all of the guesswork out of finding food brands, treats, supplements and eliminated all of Rocky’s red and yellow food triggers. The report provided a list of options showing the brands, ingredients and the url links. The report also included a list of vegetables and fruits that show vitamins /minerals and serving recommendations.

Rocky has started his new food and treats and we are seeing improvement already.
THANK YOU Miranda 😀

Linda from Hedgesville, WV (aka Rocky’s Mom)

James & Linda


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