After months of struggling to find a food that our Cavapoo’s sensitive stomach could handle, we decided to order a DNA saliva allergy test. We also ordered a food recommendation report from Energize Paws, which utilized the data from the allergy test results to find foods that did not contain ingredients that potentially bothered Finnegan’s stomach.

We were so impressed with the detailed and personalized report that Miranda put together for Finnegan. The report was easy to understand and broke down food suggestions into different categories, including dry, wet, and fresh dog food, as well as treats and supplements. There were personalized notes next to each item explaining why that particular food was being suggested. I noticed that all of the suggestions on the list were brands with high quality ingredients. We picked one of the dry dog food and treat suggestions on the list. The suggestions turned out to be spot on. Finnegan’s sensitive stomach handles the new food and treats perfectly and his stools are now completely normal.

Ordering the food recommendation report was one of the best decisions I’ve made for Finnegan.