Do you have allergies? I do. I just finally got allergy testing done on myself late in 2020. I knew my allergies were bad, but I didn’t realize how bad they really were until that test happened. Basically, I’m allergic to the outside world. 😆 I started getting weekly allergy shots in January of 2021. and am now really excited to start feeling the difference. Even if it takes a year for me to start feeling better, the end is in sight!

We, as humans, can tell each other when we aren’t feeling well. We can tell people, “Man, I’m having a bad allergy day today.” We can tell people that our “nose is itchy today.” Or our “eyes are itchy today.”

But our pets can’t tell us that. We have to be able to observe our pet’s behavior and try to guess what is going on. And that is hard, right?!

Did you know that there are four different types of allergy testing that you can do on your pet?!

I’ve known that my Goldendoodle has had allergies since the day he joined our family. But, up to this point, I’ve guessed what they are. His belly used to get turn colors – it would turn black and would sometimes get hot spots. He would also get diarrhea after eating chicken-based kibble. We also noticed that his paws were extremely irritated after swimming in our chlorinated pool. So, I assumed he was allergic to grass (belly), chicken (diarrhea), and chlorine (paws). We stopped feeding Chicken kibble, and I started him on an Allergy Supplement. And we started seeing a difference! His belly is no longer black. We don’t see hot spots anymore. His paws are back to a normal color! What a relief!

But, I was assuming what he was allergic too. And, since I saw the value in me getting allergy testing done, so I decided I wanted to do the same thing for Jovi.

After researching the four different kinds of pet allergy tests, I decided to go with the one from EasyDNA. They use the dog’s spit to do the test. And while it took me a bit to figure out the best way to collect the spit from Jovi, in the end, we got it!

Once collected, we put it into the mailing envelope supplied to us and dropped it off at the post office! Now, we wait for the results. Can’t wait to get his report back and share it with you all!

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Some points to note…

  • We stopped giving Jovi his Allergy Supplement for a full week before we collected the sample
  • We waited a few hours after Jovi ate to collect the sample
  • We waited until after Jovi took a nice long drink of water to collect the sample
  • The Dog Allergy test is not a DNA test. It is also not a typical allergy test. This test uses the proteins in the dog’s system to help you learn the sensitivities and intolerances your pet may be experiencing so you can have a better understanding of what they may not be able to tolerate.
  • We recommend discussing any concerns you have directly with your Veterinarian.

Some additional ordering information for you:

  • Consider adding a Discounted Dog DNA Breed Test to your order.
  • Add in a Food Suggestion Report to your order! This is a service I provide! I will
  • review the allergies that
  • have been identified to be sure you are feeding a food that won’t cause allergy symptoms!
  • Be sure to Select your dog size – the kits are different for small vs. medium/large dogs
  • Add a comment to share what kind of allergy symptoms your dog is experiencing!

Instructions to collect the spit sample from your dog:


Here is what the allergy test report will look like once it is done.