Pet Rescue Fundraising

Health Benefits*


      • Anxiety

      • Sensitive Stomach

      • Digestive Issues

      • Loose Stool

      • Bad Gas

      • Eats Stool

      • Stiff and sore joints

      • Excessive Shedding

      • Dry Skin

      • Dull Coat

      • Itching (other)

      • Red, Irritated Skin

      • Hot Spots

      • Seasonal Allergies

Financial Benefits*

Earn between 10-35% commission on all purchases your Adopters make


      • Paying for Food

      • Paying for Supplements

      • Paying for Vet Visits

      • Other Rescue Operations Expenses

‚ÄčNutritionally Dense Food = Feed Less per Meal


      • Quality is Top GoalSourced in USA

      • Manufactured in USA

      • Nutritionally Dense Food

      • No poultry by-products

      • No corn, wheat, or soy

      • No added sugars or sweeteners

      • No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives

      • No grains in our grain-free recipes, and only healthy grains in our other recipes


      • Simple systems & tools in place to help you earn money right away

      • Custom Recommendation Pages to make ordering simple for your Adopters

      • Mentor with other Rescues in the pawTree Community

      • Vets & Nutritionists available

      • Client Support Available

*Results are from independent pawTree petPro’s that are responsible breeders. Individual results may vary.

We recently asked this petPro to complete this sentence:

Because of pawTree…

Because of paw Tree… I am able to provide the best quality supplements, products, and treats for all of the Danes (80 in-house) for my rescue at SRGDRR (Save Rocky the Great Dane Rescue and Rehab), I put pawTree to the test when I first started this adventure by selecting the worst of the worst Danes and giving pawTree a try on them. GAME CHANGER! Totally transformed them in less than a month to be the Great Danes they were meant to be! We now have all 80 Danes and any new ones who come in (which is daily) on pawTree and thriving! You have to understand that most of the Danes/dogs that come into rescue have not had an easy or caring life and to see them transform and feel the love and care is simply PAWSOME! I am so thankful to have the opportunity to give them the best and the best is pawTree!

Because of pawTree… I am able to take my commission and give it back 100 percent to my rescue Danes. I take that commission and buy all of my rescues, products, treats, toys, etc and give them the best there is! I am so proud of the transformation of their precious lives because of pawTree! When adopted, we show pawTree to the adopters and keep their newly adopted fur babies on our products. Winning!

Amy Reinoshek

Longview, TX

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    • The ability to earn up to 35% on every food and supplement purchase for the life of each pet in your rescue.
    • Simple and customizable recommendation pages for your Adopters, where they will see your suggested pawTree products, specific to your rescue.
    • And more!