As I shared in my previous blog post, Jovi had an allergy test done.

We just got the results and wanted to share them with you!

WOW. That is a lot more allergies than I was expecting! And is going to cause me to change up what he is eating & what supplements we use.

He is currently eating a combination of:


As we all know, the name of the Dog Food doesn’t tell us what the ingredients include. The only item that he is currently eating that I can keep him on is the Raw Paws Signature Blend Turkey. The other three items all have allergens in them that will force us to make a change.


He also takes a few supplements:

He will be able to keep taking all of his supplements except for the Salmon Oil Drops since he is allergic to Salmon.

No wonder I wasn't seeing an itchiness improvement!
So…his new diet will consist of:

And his supplements will be:

It is important to note that Jovi is also allergic to Rosemary. Rosemary is frequently used in dog food as a natural antioxidant and preservative. It is actually also considered an anti-cancer agent. Because it is so often used in dog food kibble, I am not going to include that one in my criteria to eliminate in his diet. It is usually the last ingredient listed in dog foods, meaning, it has such a small amount it shouldn’t affect him…..much. He will continue to take the pawTree Allergy Support daily to help his outdoor allergies and just in case the Rosemary is causing a problem for him.


Found this report so interesting that I ordered a 2nd one so Miss Molly can be tested too! Can’t wait to see what her results show – really hoping they both can stay on the same “plan.”